For Reliable Leadership Re-Elect Charles Pender as Mayor of Corner Brook

For my 2017 re-election campaign, we have chosen the  slogan ACCESSIBLE ACCOUNTABLE RELIABLE to reflect my leadership style as Mayor of the City of Corner Brook over the past 4 years.

In my last posts I discussed Accessible and Accountable leadership. In this post I will discuss what I mean by Reliable leadership.

I have been serving Corner Brook over the past twenty years.  I am well-known in the community and have proven that I can get the job done.  But reliability also means having the ability to navigate through changing times, which is where find ourselves now.

Corner Brook is at an important time in its history, and if I’m re-elected for another four years, I believe that I have the vision and leadership skills to deliver for this city.

Here are just some of my priorities for the next four years:

  • Hold the line on taxes for residents and businesses
  • Continue to focus on street maintenance and paving
  • Secure funding for planning and construction of a new Regional Aquatics Facility, Jubilee Filed Clubhouse and Change Rooms for Wellington Street Soccer Field
  • Invest in beautification projects, pocket parks, trails network and a splash pad
  • Develop a green energy strategy that draws upon our human, natural and industrial resources to the benefit of local business and residents
  • Develop a tourism and marketing strategy to better promote our natural assets
  • Continue to eliminate red tape for businesses to help foster growth and job creation
  • Work with the provincial government to finally get our new hospital built

So let’s keep the positive momentum going in this city.  For the past four years, I’ve been so encouraged by the energy that I see in our citizens, the work of our community organizations and the investments by local and new businesses.  Corner Brook has so much potential.  It is this positive energy that keeps me going and that motivates me every day.

I have approached every election wanting to earn the support of every voter in this city.  The citizens of Corner Brook should ask questions of every candidate running for office, but they should also consider each candidate’s record of service and involvement in the community. I offer my record of service as evidence of my dedication to this community and my reliability as a leader.

On September 26, I ask for your support to keep the momentum going. On September 26,  vote for reliable leadership, Vote Charles Pender for Mayor.




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