For Accountable Leadership Re-Elect Charles Pender Mayor of Corner Brook

For my 2017 re-election campaign, we have chosen the  slogan ACCESSIBLE ACCOUNTABLE RELIABLE to reflect my leadership style as Mayor of the City of Corner Brook over the past 4 years.

In my last post I discussed Accessible leadership. In this post I will discuss what I mean by Accountable leadership.

Accountability is something that speaks to integrity.  In my years in public life, I have always treated taxpayer’s money – your money – with great respect.  I have acted with openness and transparency and I have led by example, never asking anyone to do what I myself was not willing to do.

In this term on Council, we immediately set out to conduct a line by line review of the budget to cut waste and identify savings: we froze council salaries for the full four year term of council and we cut travel costs – just like I promised to do.

Over our term we also identified significant savings through an organizational review, and– in fact, unlike the previous council that raised taxes by a whopping 28%, we haven’t raised taxes at all, in fact we have reduced the mill rates for residential and business taxes because I understand the challenges people and businesses face when trying to maintain their homes and properties.

It takes a lot of hard work by a lot of people but it also takes leadership, leadership that helps us move past the obstacles and individuals differences in setting our priorities for residents. This has allowed us to follow through on many projects such as completing the new water treatment plant, purchasing new and better equipment for our firefighters, including a new firetruck with a second one on the way, as well as new equipment for our public works employees to help them do their work better and more safely.

We have also successfully leveraged almost $20 millions dollars in project funding from the provincial and federal governments – and let me tell you this doesn’t come easily – but we are seeing the Downtown Project moving forward, we have a new Main Street Bridge on the way, our Sewer Separation project is underway on Cobb Lane and side streets and both parts of Elswick with lower West Valley to follow next year, and through our capital works program we have done similar projects all over the city while focusing on road maintenance and street paving, in fact the provincial and federal governments just this past week announced another $2 million for street paving for the city. And I am particularly proud to say that, although it took me 2 terms as Mayor to get it done, we have completed the new park at Bartlett’s Point Park that is, I believe, absolutely beautiful.

Corner Brook is a beautiful place with so much potential. As Mayor for the past four years, I’ve been so encouraged by the energy and willingness to work together that I see in our people. It is this positive energy that keeps me going and that motivates me every day, it is that energy that gives me the desire and inspiration to want to continue to lead this city forward.

On September 26, I ask for your support to keep the momentum going. On September 26,  vote for accountable leadership, Vote Charles Pender for Mayor.



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