For Accessible Leadership Re-Elect Charles Pender Mayor of Corner Brook

For my 2017 re-election campaign, we have chosen the  slogan ACCESSIBLE ACCOUNTABLE RELIABLE to reflect my leadership style as Mayor of the City of Corner Brook over the past 4 years.

First, let’s discuss what I mean by ACCESSIBLE leadership.

Accessible: I have been, and will continue to be, an accessible mayor.  As Mayor, I take full advantage of all the tools at my disposal to help me communicate more effectively with residents on a daily basis. Effective communication means that I not only share information, but that I also listen to comments, questions and suggestions from residents and provide them with the answers to their questions.

Today, I receive far more comments and inquiries from residents via social media, like Facebook and Twitter, than through any other means. Who knew when I first went on Twitter nine years ago that it would become such an important tool for communicating?  But for me, Twitter isn’t just a way to send out messages: it’s a way to speak directly with residents so that we can respond to meet your needs more quickly as issues arise.

And as important as social media may be, accessibility isn’t just about social media;  taking an interest in community events and interacting with people one on one is still the most important means by which I am able to better understand the needs of our residents.

As most people know, I’m out and about in the community all the time and am always willing to have a chat with you on any issues. In addition, as Mayor of Corner Brook over the past four years, I’ve attended over 2500 meetings, presentations and events – and I always return your phone calls, emails, letters and messages.

Many people may remember my fathers Plumbing and Heating business on Caribou Road – for over 50 years he ran a small family business and showed me the importance of building relationships in the community and following through on your word.

And like my father, I am a man of my word: should I be re-elected on September 26, I will continue to be an Accessible Mayor for all residents of Corner Brook.

For ACCESSIBLE leadership, please vote PENDER FOR MAYOR on September 26


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