Corner Brook Receives $2 Million for Street Resurfacing

Today the Premier announced $38.8 million for projects that will support improvements in municipal infrastructure, as well as bring benefits to residents and businesses.

The money is being allocated under the Small Communities Fund and provincial Municipal Capital Works program.

Corner Brook will receive approximately $2 Million from this announcement.

This funding is cost shared between the Provincial and Federal governments at 50% of the total value with each contributing $453,417.00 and the city will contribute the remaining $1 Million for a total value of approximately $2 Million.

Roads and street paving have been a priority for my council over the last 4 years. This new funding will allow us to continue to improve the quality of our streets and roads into the future.

On behalf of our residents I want thank our provincial and federal governments and area representatives for their continuing support as well as our city staff and council who identified, prepared and submitted this request for funding to government.


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