City of Corner Brook Municipal Election 2017-Notice of Candidates

The following persons have been nominated for election as Mayor or Councillor for the Municipality of  Corner Brook:

For Mayor

Name of Candidate      Address

Parsons, Jim                    25 Valley View Drive

Pender, Charles              29 Park Drive

For Councillor
Name of Candidate      Address

Basha, Katrina              7 Quigley Place

Benoit, Lenny                1 Park Drive

Boutcher, Priscilla       11 Montgomerie Street

Brookings, Kyle             4 Watson’s Road

Bruce, Leo                     23 Lear’s Road

Buckle, Tony                 8A Washington Street

Carey, Josh                   3 Wilson Drive

Chaisson, Linda          91 Reid Street

Cormier, Keith               3 McWhirter’s Lane

Gill, Pamela                   36 Philip Drive

Granter, Vaughn          98 Carter Avenue

Griffin, Bill                     133 Georgetown Road

Mennie, Maureen        10 North Street

Pardy, Devon                33 Brookfield Avenue

Sparkes, Brian              64 Premier Drive

Staeben, Bernd             9 Lomond Street

Stewart, Tom                50 West Valley Road

Wheeler, Donna          109 Country Road

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