Aquatics Centre: Regional Cooperation the key to success

The communities of Corner Brook, Massey Drive and Mount Moriah, along with the Humber Community YMCA have all agreed to contribute funding toward the cost of a feasibility study on a proposed Regional Aquatics Centre to replace the existing, outdated provincial pool at the Arts and Culture Centre.

The purpose of the feasibility study is to undertake research and critical analysis to determine a solution to the existing gap in aquatic/recreation facilities in the region as a means to addressing the long term recreational needs of residents and users. The study will include a cost analysis of the operational, capital and ongoing sustainability requirements.

The study will:

Assess current and future needs of community stakeholders regarding aquatics/recreation and current gaps

• Determine possible solutions to identified needs. (I.e. construction of a new facility or refurbishment/repurposing of existing infrastructure)

• Consider potential synergies between a new and/or refurbished aquatic/recreation facility and existing infrastructure.

• Develop a conceptual plan for the recommended action plan based on existing municipal aquatic/recreation facilities

• Determine space and land requirements and site suitability in the region

• Recommend partnership, fundraising and grant opportunities in the public and private sector

• Provide rationale for inclusion or non-inclusion of stakeholders.

• Recommend a time frame for phasing in the recommended action plan

It is our intent that the study will reflect the immediate and anticipated needs of the region for a minimum thirty-year period. This would be accomplished through a comprehensive needs assessment. The study would also include a market analysis to determine the market ability to sustain a Regional Aquatic/Recreation Centre.

If funding is approved by the provincial government for this study, we hope to be in a position to award the feasibility study this spring and anticipate that the study can be completed by mid-Summer.

As part of the process, we are coordinating a meeting of all municipalities from the Corner Brook/ Humber Valley/Bay of Islands Region as well as some unincorporated areas later this week. The purpose of the meeting is to determine what level of support we can expect to receive from neighbouring municipalities for a new regional aquatic facility.

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