City Developping Wastewater Strategic Plan

img_4564The City of Corner Brook is developing a strategic plan to identify the optimum overall wastewater system needs leading to the provision of sewage treatment for the City in accordance with the Government of Canada Wastewater Systems Effluent Regulations.

In 2005 the City commissioned a study of the existing and future sewage treatment needs of the community and alternatives for disposal into the Humber Arm. The recommendations from that study involved a phased approach with various strategies to meet the environmental regulations of that time.

img_4518-1With the new Federal Government regulations now established, the City has reevaluated the 2005 study and existing systems and is developing a strategic plan for our wastewater system that will meet the new regulations while minimizing the overall life cycle costs.

Last week, I visited a number of existing wastewater treatment facilities in Nova Scotia and new Brunswick along with city staff  in order to see first hand the various treatment options and to learn more about the different technologies available and in particular the capital and long term operating costs of each type of plant.

img_4555-1This information, along with the substantial work already completed on evaluating our wastewater system, is bringing the city closer to selecting the best option and location for the construction of a wastewater treatment plant for Corner Brook.

The City of Corner Brook is working hard on developing a viable, efficient and affordable wastewater treatment system that will meet the new federal wastewater guidelines. Once the plan is finalized and adopted by council, we will apply for funding with both the provincial and federal governments to make this project a reality as soon as possible.



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