Corner Brook’s Urban Design Action Plan

City Hall New 1The City of Corner Brook, in partnership with the Federal Government will be investing almost $450, 000 to support the development of the Downtown Revitalization Project: Downtown Urban Design Action Plan.

The City of Corner Brook is undertaking this downtown development plan thanks in part to a contribution of more than $500,000 from ACOA.

Identified as a priority in the City’s Urban Design Action Plan, this project will improve leisure destinations, corridors, islands, gateways and signage in the downtown area, helping to improve the area’s aesthetics and providing a physical link between the City’s two business districts. Additionally, the Downtown Business Association will be contributing $60,000 to support the redevelopment.

13892274_979855052142889_2322936660033296944_nThis sustainable project will encourage economic development through business investment, tourism, and increased pedestrian traffic and patronage of businesses by making Downtown Corner Brook more attractive to investors, visitors, and residents.

The Urban Design Action Plan is a response to the community’s needs and desires as expressed during three years of public consultation undertaken as part of the IMSP process that led to the Integrated Municipal Sustainability Plan for the City of Corner Brook.

The Urban Design Action Plan, designed by the City of Corner Brook, identified eight leisure destinations, three corridors, five islands, and one gateway as sites or areas for revitalization within the downtown, in addition to a comprehensive wayfinding strategy that would help flow people into and direct them throughout the downtown core of Corner Brook.

A Downtown Revitalization Committee was struck to explore the revitalization project, which was composed of members of the City of Corner Brook, the Downtown Business Association, and other stakeholders such as members of the Rotary Arts Centre and downtown business owners.

13935137_979855082142886_7791697303891778245_nCouncil is committed to improving the City of Corner Brook and creating a downtown that is worthy of its status as the hub of Western Newfoundland. This downtown revitalization initiative represents a strengthening partnership between the City of Corner Brook and the Corner Brook Downtown Business Association, and by extension, its members – the downtown business owners.

The Urban Design Action Plan will be highly beneficial to both partners in terms of collaborating on the planning and implementation of the project, as well as its outcomes.

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