City Preparing for Heavy Rainfall

a3c4d7b6-b7f1-4746-9681-ecc6f7f5ad5a_500The Government of Canada has issued a Special Weather Statement for significant rainfall of between 30 to 50 mm and strong winds expected this weekend in Corner brook and area.

The City of Corner Brook is preparing and being proactive to minimize situations that may arise due to heavy rain. We are monitoring weather conditions and crews will be on stand-by to deal with weather related situations.

A foreperson will be on call 24 hours a day to respond to emergencies and city crews will be on alert and taking the following actions to deal with potential severe weather:

· ensuring all headwalls are clear of debris

. removing leaves from catch basins here possible

· ensuring sandbags are filled and available

· stocking trucks with additional flood control equipment

· contacting contractors to determine availability of equipment

· preparing barricades and warning signs

· testing and charging all portable radios

Clogged storm drains can cause flooding of roads and private property. If there is a stream, brook, drain, or culvert on or near your property please help keep it clear, examine it regularly, and let us know if it needs attention and secure any items that could be carried away by strong winds and potentially cause damage.

twitter-nl-flooding-17034Motorists should be cautious while driving during heavy rainfall. Please slow down to minimize the potential to hydroplane. Motorists should also give themselves extra time to arrive to their destination, as unexpected street flooding might force traffic detours.


We encourage citizens to call our Customer Service Line at 637-1666, to report any signs of flooding or other hazards related to city infrastructure. All calls for service will be evaluated and responded to in order of priority.

For medical, police and fire emergencies call 911.

Weather forecasts can be found at

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