City Moving to Implement new DBA Regulations

image1-2The City has current Downtown Business Improvement Areas Regulations that were enacted in January 2009.

The Downtown Business Association Inc. (DBA) have identified changes that they have requested to the regulations in regards to the area covered by the regulation, as well as wording changes.

The proposed new Downtown Business Improvement Areas Regulations will expand the zone which is covered to include additional properties on lower Mount Bernard Avenue, lower Caribou Road, Cobb Lane and lower Humber Road.


PROPOSED MOTION: It is RESOLVED to repeal the existing January 12,2009 Downtown Business Improvement Areas Regulations effective January 1, 2017, and be it FURTHER RESOLVED to approve the new Downtown Business Improvement Area Regulations as attached effective January 1,2017.

This notice of motion will be voted on by Council at the November 21, 2016 Public Meeting.

image3Any person(s) wishing to provide comments and/or to provide feedback on the Notice of Motion can do so by contacting Dale Park at

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