City Supporting Local Businesses With Business Improvement Program (BIP)

14731351_1042146972580363_4286085375176202158_nThe City of Corner Brook is pleased to announce the successful completion of its Business Improvement Program (BIP) for 2016.

The program generated significant interest and several applications were received. After a comprehensive evaluation, seven applications were approved representing disbursement of the program’s full tax credit budget of $50,000 for 2016.

The substantial tax benefits offered under the BIP 2016 is yet another testimony to the City’s continuous commitment and resolve in helping Corner Brook’s businesses, particularly in the Small and Medium Enterprise category.

The City thanks all the applicants for their interest in the program and commitment to the City’s beautification program. We would like to congratulate the following successful applicants of BIP 2016:


14731101_1042146969247030_801872495996146084_n– National Shoe Stores Ltd.
84-86 Broadway

– The Paint Shop
91 Broadway

– AJ’s Bar & Billiards
71 Broadway

– The Orchid
29 West Street

– JKMP Holdings Inc.
2 Mount Bernard Avenue

– Empire Atlantic
9 Herald Avenue

– PWP Holdings Ltd
90 Broadway

14732416_1042147272580333_8151013318623795210_nThe City of Corner Brook is committed to a comprehensive approach towards working with local businesses to improving the business environment. As a part of this commitment we are supporting economic development through investment in local business.

The results of the BIP program will help build civic pride, improve city streets and make Corner Brook a more interesting place to live, work, shop, and connect.

The BIP is an annually budgeted initiative aimed at improving the frontal appearance of commercial properties in the City, while maintaining their traditional character and appeal.
Total tax credit budget for BIP 2016 was $50,000.

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