2016 Capital works Update

City Hall New 1The City of Corner Brook Capital Works Program commenced in July 2016 and is funded 70 / 30 with the provincial government. Under this year’s program the City will spend Over 12.4 million in Capital Works Projects and an additional $3.7 million on paving. This is the largest street paving program in the City’s history.

Riverside Drive-Section Rebuild involves excavating approximately 45m of roadway and stabilize with new subgrade materials, repave, replace guardrail and improve drainage. Tender Awarded

Confederation Drive-Storm Sewer Replacement to slip-line the existing pipe to contain storm water & to prevent sinkholes. Work complete

Gilbert Street-Storm Sewer Replacement involved upgrades to the existing storm sewer and install high back curb to protect shoulder and private property. Work complete

Georgetown Road-Watermain Flushing Chamber  to install water flushing chamber on the water main on Georgetown Road. Work in progress

Pressure Regulating Valve and Building Upgrades in various locations to replace and/or rehabilitate existing stations complete with new pressure reducing valves equipped with a pressure management system, flow metering capability and remote monitoring system. Work in progress

Central Street-Storm Sewer to replace the existing storm sewer system with a new system of greater capacity. Work in progress

13939540_979855092142885_1814426731961253698_nDowntown Beautification Phase 1 of the Downtown Urban Design Action Plan involves the beautification and revitalization of two leisure destinations (parks) and five traffic islands. These locations make up parts of a larger and more comprehensive planned pedestrian network for the downtown. Tender in Progress

Designs in Progress

Raymond Heights-New Storm Sewer System to Install approximately 200 meters of new storm sewer and service laterals.

Georgetown Road-Sanitary Sewer Upgrade replace the existing sewer lift station including associated forcemain on Georgetown Road and install a water flushing chamber.

There are many more capital projects which the city is working in to improve our basic infrastructure in order to provide quality services to our residents and businesses.

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