Making Waves – the need for a new Swimming Pool

images-24I have been listening to the growing concerns about the numerous issues surrounding the availability and the suitability of our one remaining swimming pool since long before the Grenfell pool closed.

While I understand the frustrations of those who are faced with long lineups to register their children or themselves, equipment issues that lead to unexpected closures and the general condition of the ageing, provincially owned and operated Arts and Culture pool, I also have a responsibility to ensure that anything I do as Mayor reflects the existing needs and wants of the community while balancing our taxpayer’s ability and willingness to pay for any new infrastructure.

The concerns raised have not gone unheard. I have met and discussed ideas with our local MP Gudie Hutchings, our Federal Minister of Sport, The Honourable Carla Qualtrough, the Humber Community YMCA, representatives of the swimming community and local residents as well as members of Corner Brook City Council and staff, all of whom recognize the need for a new facility.

As with any major undertaking this all takes considerable time, effort and planning. I have been looking at other, newer facilities throughout the province and country to better understand both the capital and operational costs involved as well as the various services and programs offered, operating agreements with municipal partners and such.

All of this takes time, all of this takes research and all of this takes a willingness on the part of everyone to work towards a viable, sustainable solution for a regional facility that meets the needs of our community and the surrounding communities with a well thought out, affordable, long term plan to make this happen.

2 thoughts on “Making Waves – the need for a new Swimming Pool

  1. Why not do a Pass the Ace? It seems to be the new successful fundraiser. We could then ask the city, provincial and federal governments to help out.

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