Revamping our Signage Policy

What do you think about digital signage and third party advertising ?

Residents and business owners are invited to review and comment on proposed changes to our current sign regulations.

13245321_923033574491704_1656169933891422501_nCurrently our sign regulations restrict where a sign can be placed and how big a sign may be among other things. As well, current regulations only allow a sign to advertise businesses in that particular property.

Corner Brook City Council is considering changes to advertisement (sign) regulations in some zones of the city, primarily in the commercial, industrial, and institutional zones, including the entire Downtown district.

Essentially, any business in these zones could potentially erect a digital sign on their property or replace an existing sign with a digital sign or other type of sign in accordance with any size, location or other restrictions that could be included under proposed changes.

The changes to be affected are:

  • the size of advertisement in some zones
  •  the nature of the advertisement, which may be in the form of on-site or off-site, including digital signs.

A portion of these new regulations will consider the allowance of Third Party Signage.

13227108_923033651158363_2957629873119316660_nThird Party signage can be defined as; any outdoor sign that advertises goods and services that are not available upon the same property or premises in which the sign is located. This type of signage allows a business to sell advertising space that is not directly related to their business.

In other words, the advertising space could be sold to any business wishing to pay for the advertising space, including businesses located in other parts of the city or businesses located in other towns or provinces.

Some questions for consideration include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Should advertising continue to be assessed as either on-site or off-site, or as a total amount of advertisement at a site, regardless of whether it relates to a product or service at a specific location?
  • Should the maximum size of advertisements be increased in the city and if so, to what maximum size by zone.
  • Are there are any concerns regarding digital signs or any recommendations for general/specific regulations or standards that should be applied to this type of advertising?

13240505_923033584491703_7001359574074255870_nTo view existing standards for advertising, the City of Corner Book Development Regulations set out the type, size, and zones where advertising is permitted.

These regulations may be accessed via the City’s website at:

Written comments should be provided to the City of Corner Brook, P.O. Box 1080, Corner Brook, NL, A2H 6E1.

It’s important to have your say before the regulations are changed.

For further information please contact the City of Corner Brook at 637-1553.

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