Street Paving Program Moves to Westside

FullSizeRender-7The city’s $3.7 million street paving program for 2016 is in full swing. Contractors have completed their work in the Curling area of the city and have now moved to the Westside of the city.

The city’s paving contractor, Marine Contractors, has already milled much of Lundrigan Drive in the Lundrigan Drive Business Park in preparation for paving.

IMG_2877As well, upper Sunnyslope Drive has been milled with a section of the sub-grade materials having had to be replaced prior to paving. This road is still closed to through traffic.

Dyke’s Road off O’connell Drive has been milled as well as Oake’s Rd., upper Country Rd., and sections of Green Garden Rd and Hendon Drive.



Our Contractor paved Country Road today and has moved on to pave Green Garden Road this afternoon.

There is still a significant amount of work to do. We ask motorists to use caution in these areas or to avoid if possible.



Daily updates are issued by the city on our website and through our social media to alert the public as Marine Contractors moves from one street to another.


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