Let’s make Corner Brook Litter Free

13939540_979855092142885_1814426731961253698_nAs a city we all take great pride in the natural beauty that Corner Brook has to offer.
We work very hard to keep our city clean and attractive for our residents, business community and tourists.

We know that most people appreciate our efforts and that most people do go out of their way to keep our city litter free … But unfortunately that isn’t everyone.
We can complain and we can shame but perhaps the best way is simply to lead by example. If you see litter on the ground how about simply picking it up and disposing of it properly.

If you notice a particularly messy spot, let us know and we will send crews to investigate and take appropriate action.

Business owners can also help by keeping the property around and in front of their businesses clean and tidy.

13935137_979855082142886_7791697303891778245_nOur employees take great pride in the work they do to keep our city clean but we can’t be everywhere all the time, so let’s Team Up to Clean Up and together we can keep our city tidy and clean for everyone.



Here are a few facts:

  • We regularly use our Madvac sucker to pick up litter. (unfortunately it is down for repairs at the moment)
  • The City of Corner Brook has placed in the 80+ waste containers throughout the city
  • Public Works crews change garbage containers daily.
  • The team is out daily cleaning up around the garbage bins.
  • We also send the sweeper out if a street has had heavy rain or is very dirty.
  • Report a ‘litter hot spot’ if you spot illegally dumped garbage, overflowing street bins or an unusually dirty public space, staff will investigate. Call 709-637-1666

13935070_979855032142891_6799081164911655974_nA clean, litter free green public space, sidewalk or street is a beautiful thing for every resident, visitor, and business.

Remember: it’s everyone’s responsibility to make sure our city’s public spaces stay that way. We need every resident to please do their part.

Make a commitment to not litter. The results will be obvious.

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