Corner Brook spending $3.7 Million on 2016 Paving Program

The City of Corner Brook Asphalt Pavement Program commenced on July 18, 2016 in the Curling area. Under this year’s program the City will spend $3.7 million on paving our city’s streets. As a council we are focused on keeping our commitment to improve city streets to meet the needs of our residents.


Allen's Road

This is the largest street paving program in the City’s history. Good roads have undeniable socio-economic benefits, and are essential to our community. As Mayor and Council we committed to focus on improving city streets.


Accessing long-term, stable funding for our municipality is essential to achieving this goal. This year’s $3.7 million investment in our streets program combines a $838,886 federal gas tax instalment with our regular capital investment in addition to money set aside from the land sales in the Lundrigan Drive Business Park area which makes for the largest single investment ever in our streets program and which totals $10 million over the past 3 years that this council has been in office.

13895122_973357556125972_5831059071154665284_nIn determining which streets will be paved a number of factors are considered including: traffic volumes, pending capital projects, visual inspections on the condition and structural quality of roads.

The planned possible streets identified for the 2016 Paving Program include:
– Allen’s Road
– Armstrong Ave
– Atlantic
– Broadway
– Brookfield Ave
– Brosnan Street
– Burke’s Road
– Church Street
– Commercial Street
– Confederation Drive
– Country Road
– Corporal Pinksen Memorial Drive
– Crestview Ave
– Curling Street
– Dykes Road
– East Ave
– Edinburgh
– Foresthill
13879315_975108882617506_3706543775560584483_n– Fudge’s Road
– Gibbons
– Golden Glow
– Greenings Hill
– Grenfell Drive
– Griffin Drive
– Hendon Drive
– Hillside Road
– Humber Road
– Ingrid Ave
– Lundrigan Drive
– Main Street
– Maple Valley Road
– Mt Bernard
– Oakes/Green Garden13906968_973357546125973_7167077847629935876_n
– O’Connell Drive
– Park Lane
– Park Street
– Phillip Drive
– Pikes Road
– Poplar Road
– Pratt Street
This list is subject to change.

3 thoughts on “Corner Brook spending $3.7 Million on 2016 Paving Program

  1. My street is is in need of repairs. And it needs to be widened at the Fudge’s Road end or made a one way street going down. This end of the road cannot allow two cars to pass.

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