City of Corner Brook releases Organizational and Operational Review

Image 1As part of our commitment to openness and transparency, Corner Brook City Council has released the final report on the Operational and Organizational Review that was conducted over this past year by KPMG.

Earlier today I had an opportunity to brief many of our employees on the report which has since been posted to the city website for everyone to view.

Change is not instantaneous, it takes time and thoughtful consideration. As such, I view the report very much as a living document that will lead to further discussions and collaboration between Council, management and staff. We will use the report to guide us in our decision making as we work toward developing an effective delivery model for the provision of municipal services.

The report includes forty-one recommendations for organizational and operational changes, some of which can be implemented fairly quickly, while others will require more discussion. The first recommendation in the report is to hire a new City Manager, and Council has already started this process.

Highlights of other recommendations include:

-Realignment of reporting structures and relationships

-Structuring departments to reflect functional responsibility

-Review corporate wide processes in the delivery of services and staffing

-Develop strategies to deal with regional matters

-Investigate opportunities for external stakeholder partnerships

-Develop a strategic plan

IMG_0163As we review each recommendation, we will be seeking feedback from our employees to help us achieve positive change that will result in the delivery of more efficient and effective municipal services. At this point, Council has only received the report, each recommendation in the report will be individually considered and examined by Council in consultation with staff before being officially adopted.

I want to express my thanks and appreciation for the openness and candor of everyone that contributed to this review. In excess of one hundred different stakeholders provided input through the engagement process. Now our focus will be to build on what we learned through this process. The report can be viewed by clicking on the link below:


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