Small Steps

Image 1As Mayor, I have the daunting responsibility of leading the transformation of this city over the next four years towards becoming a more business friendly, senior friendly, family friendly, sustainable community. It is a responsibility that I take on with humility and thoughtfulness as we begin the process of change.


Mayor_CouncilThankfully, the residents of Corner Brook have also chosen a wonderful group of talented and enthusiastic individuals to serve as councillors to help lead that transformation. While we may all have various abilities, backgrounds and experience, we all share a common sense of purpose in our desire to bring positive change to the city that we now lead together.

As your mayor and council, we have spent considerable time over the last few weeks meeting and working together to review the city’s operations and finances, view city facilities, meet with staff and community groups, residents and the business community as we prepare for the years ahead. It’s been less than one full month since we were sworn in on September 29, and we are only just beginning, but we are enthusiastic, encouraged and energized by the tremendous community support we have been receiving both individually and collectively.

Lower Humber Fall 2We have already begun the process of change as we take steps to reduce expenses, cut waste and increase productivity at all levels. In preparation for the 2014 municipal budget, council is also conducting a line by line review of all expenses to find further efficiencies while maintaining a focus on service.

2 thoughts on “Small Steps

  1. It is great to see an enuthastic group, the people spoke and handed the reins to you all to work for us. Good Luck,looking forward to the next four years.

  2. Feeling hopeful again! Looking forward to our city coming back to life! I think we have a great group of municipal leaders to do just that!!

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