City Adopts Corporate Priorities Plan 2017-2020

At Monday’s public meeting, Corner Brook City Council approved the adoption of Corner Brook’s Corporate Priorities Plan.

Starting in November of 2015 Council and Directors began preliminary discussions of priorities. Council and key staff embarked on a comprehensive consultation process to identify the issues that are important to residents, business owners, and our community. A draft plan was made available in October 2016 and communicated to the public. Various stakeholder sessions were undertaken, as well as a public input opportunity through the website. In January 2017, the document was modified to include public feedback. In February and March, Council members and senior staff took all the information collected and participated in discussions to finalize the corporate priorities for 2017-2020.

The Strategic Plan is an important blueprint for Council. Many of the issues identified, such as infrastructure, economic development and business opportunities, sustainable development and climate change, and recreation and green spaces reinforced what many of us heard during multiple conversations with citizens,” stated Mayor Charles Pender.

“This plan gives staff clear direction on Council’s expectations for the upcoming years,” stated the City Manager-Melissa Wiklund. “It provides us with definitive benchmarks to assess where we are going. This is a wonderful start, next steps are to work with staff on an implementation strategy and communicate progress to residents.”

A copy of the Corporate Priorities Plan is available on the City’s website.

Strategic Priority I: Invest In Quality Infrastructure Development

Goal A: Water and Sewer Infrastructure
Goal B: Roads, Trails and Streets
Goal C: Asset Management
Goal D: New Buildings, Building Repairs and Upgrades

Strategic Priority II: Economic Development and Population Growth

Goal A: Population Growth
Goal B: Economic Development

Strategic Priority III: Revitalize our Downtown

Goal A: Vacant Buildings
Goal B: Desirable Downtown
Goal C: Business Opportunities

Strategic Priority IV: Sustainable Development and Sports and Eco (Adventure) Tourism

Goal A: Parks and Recreation
Goal B: Eco Tourism and Sports
Goal C: Sustainable Development and Climate Change

City of Corner Brook 2017 Budget

City Hall new 3Corner Brook’s annual budget outlines how tax dollars and funding will be invested to provide the services that you value, such as the operation and maintenance of streets, street markings and street lights, snow clearing, parks, sport fields and recreation programs, Civic Centre operations, protective services including Fire and emergency Services, Municipal Police and Animal Control; Planning, Development and Engineering services, the provision of municipal drinking water, garbage collection, and much more.

Property taxes help fund a large part of the budget. The City also prepares multi-year capital budgets to plan for capital infrastructure replacement and renewal and other capital priorities as determined by City Council.

The City’s 2017 Budget as well as all of it’s financial reports are available to the public, including annual financial statements, gas tax funding agreements and statements of financial information are available on line.

City Developping Wastewater Strategic Plan

img_4564The City of Corner Brook is developing a strategic plan to identify the optimum overall wastewater system needs leading to the provision of sewage treatment for the City in accordance with the Government of Canada Wastewater Systems Effluent Regulations.

In 2005 the City commissioned a study of the existing and future sewage treatment needs of the community and alternatives for disposal into the Humber Arm. The recommendations from that study involved a phased approach with various strategies to meet the environmental regulations of that time.

img_4518-1With the new Federal Government regulations now established, the City has reevaluated the 2005 study and existing systems and is developing a strategic plan for our wastewater system that will meet the new regulations while minimizing the overall life cycle costs.

Last week, I visited a number of existing wastewater treatment facilities in Nova Scotia and new Brunswick along with city staff  in order to see first hand the various treatment options and to learn more about the different technologies available and in particular the capital and long term operating costs of each type of plant.

img_4555-1This information, along with the substantial work already completed on evaluating our wastewater system, is bringing the city closer to selecting the best option and location for the construction of a wastewater treatment plant for Corner Brook.

The City of Corner Brook is working hard on developing a viable, efficient and affordable wastewater treatment system that will meet the new federal wastewater guidelines. Once the plan is finalized and adopted by council, we will apply for funding with both the provincial and federal governments to make this project a reality as soon as possible.



Corner Brook’s Urban Design Action Plan

City Hall New 1The City of Corner Brook, in partnership with the Federal Government will be investing almost $450, 000 to support the development of the Downtown Revitalization Project: Downtown Urban Design Action Plan.

The City of Corner Brook is undertaking this downtown development plan thanks in part to a contribution of more than $500,000 from ACOA.

Identified as a priority in the City’s Urban Design Action Plan, this project will improve leisure destinations, corridors, islands, gateways and signage in the downtown area, helping to improve the area’s aesthetics and providing a physical link between the City’s two business districts. Additionally, the Downtown Business Association will be contributing $60,000 to support the redevelopment.

13892274_979855052142889_2322936660033296944_nThis sustainable project will encourage economic development through business investment, tourism, and increased pedestrian traffic and patronage of businesses by making Downtown Corner Brook more attractive to investors, visitors, and residents.

The Urban Design Action Plan is a response to the community’s needs and desires as expressed during three years of public consultation undertaken as part of the IMSP process that led to the Integrated Municipal Sustainability Plan for the City of Corner Brook.

The Urban Design Action Plan, designed by the City of Corner Brook, identified eight leisure destinations, three corridors, five islands, and one gateway as sites or areas for revitalization within the downtown, in addition to a comprehensive wayfinding strategy that would help flow people into and direct them throughout the downtown core of Corner Brook.

A Downtown Revitalization Committee was struck to explore the revitalization project, which was composed of members of the City of Corner Brook, the Downtown Business Association, and other stakeholders such as members of the Rotary Arts Centre and downtown business owners.

13935137_979855082142886_7791697303891778245_nCouncil is committed to improving the City of Corner Brook and creating a downtown that is worthy of its status as the hub of Western Newfoundland. This downtown revitalization initiative represents a strengthening partnership between the City of Corner Brook and the Corner Brook Downtown Business Association, and by extension, its members – the downtown business owners.

The Urban Design Action Plan will be highly beneficial to both partners in terms of collaborating on the planning and implementation of the project, as well as its outcomes.

City Preparing for Heavy Rainfall

a3c4d7b6-b7f1-4746-9681-ecc6f7f5ad5a_500The Government of Canada has issued a Special Weather Statement for significant rainfall of between 30 to 50 mm and strong winds expected this weekend in Corner brook and area.

The City of Corner Brook is preparing and being proactive to minimize situations that may arise due to heavy rain. We are monitoring weather conditions and crews will be on stand-by to deal with weather related situations.

A foreperson will be on call 24 hours a day to respond to emergencies and city crews will be on alert and taking the following actions to deal with potential severe weather:

· ensuring all headwalls are clear of debris

. removing leaves from catch basins here possible

· ensuring sandbags are filled and available

· stocking trucks with additional flood control equipment

· contacting contractors to determine availability of equipment

· preparing barricades and warning signs

· testing and charging all portable radios

Clogged storm drains can cause flooding of roads and private property. If there is a stream, brook, drain, or culvert on or near your property please help keep it clear, examine it regularly, and let us know if it needs attention and secure any items that could be carried away by strong winds and potentially cause damage.

twitter-nl-flooding-17034Motorists should be cautious while driving during heavy rainfall. Please slow down to minimize the potential to hydroplane. Motorists should also give themselves extra time to arrive to their destination, as unexpected street flooding might force traffic detours.


We encourage citizens to call our Customer Service Line at 637-1666, to report any signs of flooding or other hazards related to city infrastructure. All calls for service will be evaluated and responded to in order of priority.

For medical, police and fire emergencies call 911.

Weather forecasts can be found at

City Moving to Implement new DBA Regulations

image1-2The City has current Downtown Business Improvement Areas Regulations that were enacted in January 2009.

The Downtown Business Association Inc. (DBA) have identified changes that they have requested to the regulations in regards to the area covered by the regulation, as well as wording changes.

The proposed new Downtown Business Improvement Areas Regulations will expand the zone which is covered to include additional properties on lower Mount Bernard Avenue, lower Caribou Road, Cobb Lane and lower Humber Road.


PROPOSED MOTION: It is RESOLVED to repeal the existing January 12,2009 Downtown Business Improvement Areas Regulations effective January 1, 2017, and be it FURTHER RESOLVED to approve the new Downtown Business Improvement Area Regulations as attached effective January 1,2017.

This notice of motion will be voted on by Council at the November 21, 2016 Public Meeting.

image3Any person(s) wishing to provide comments and/or to provide feedback on the Notice of Motion can do so by contacting Dale Park at

City Supporting Local Businesses With Business Improvement Program (BIP)

14731351_1042146972580363_4286085375176202158_nThe City of Corner Brook is pleased to announce the successful completion of its Business Improvement Program (BIP) for 2016.

The program generated significant interest and several applications were received. After a comprehensive evaluation, seven applications were approved representing disbursement of the program’s full tax credit budget of $50,000 for 2016.

The substantial tax benefits offered under the BIP 2016 is yet another testimony to the City’s continuous commitment and resolve in helping Corner Brook’s businesses, particularly in the Small and Medium Enterprise category.

The City thanks all the applicants for their interest in the program and commitment to the City’s beautification program. We would like to congratulate the following successful applicants of BIP 2016:


14731101_1042146969247030_801872495996146084_n– National Shoe Stores Ltd.
84-86 Broadway

– The Paint Shop
91 Broadway

– AJ’s Bar & Billiards
71 Broadway

– The Orchid
29 West Street

– JKMP Holdings Inc.
2 Mount Bernard Avenue

– Empire Atlantic
9 Herald Avenue

– PWP Holdings Ltd
90 Broadway

14732416_1042147272580333_8151013318623795210_nThe City of Corner Brook is committed to a comprehensive approach towards working with local businesses to improving the business environment. As a part of this commitment we are supporting economic development through investment in local business.

The results of the BIP program will help build civic pride, improve city streets and make Corner Brook a more interesting place to live, work, shop, and connect.

The BIP is an annually budgeted initiative aimed at improving the frontal appearance of commercial properties in the City, while maintaining their traditional character and appeal.
Total tax credit budget for BIP 2016 was $50,000.

Weekend water upgrades at Sir Richard Squires Building

sir-richard-squires-building-corner-brookMt. Bernard to be closed starting Saturday morning until Sunday evening.

Here are some details on the road closure planned for Mt. Bernard tomorrow morning, Saturday at 5 am and lasting until Sunday midnight in relation to the work going on at the Sir Richard Squires Building by Marine Contractors for the Province.

The project involves the replacement of the aging pipes between Mt. Bernard Avenue and the Sir Richard Squires building, and includes making new connections to the City water and sewer lines in the roadway.

The work is quite complex due to the number of connections as well as the presence of a number of lines in that area so an extended outage is required. As traffic is normally much lower on the weekend it was decided to proceed with the work this weekend.

People may have also noticed that a small section of the road surface on Mt. Bernard in this location was milled but not completely paved. That is because the excavation is to take place in that area, and hence will be paved after the work on the infrastructure is complete.

City forces will be on site for the duration of the work to ensure the work on the City infrastructure is performed in a safe and appropriate manner.

As part of this work there will also be a short water outage and road closure on University Drive to install a new valve in order to shorten the length of the outage associated with the main project. City crews will be performing this work starting 5am Saturday morning and is planned to be completed by 11am.

This will result in a short water outage to the RNC, Academy Canada and the Arts and Culture and all parties have been notified.

City staff have also been in touch with Brewed on Bernard and have worked out a plan to maintain access to that business from O’Connell Drive. Ultramar on the corner of O’Connell and Mt. Bernard will remain fully accessible from both Mt. Bernard and O’Connell.

I want to thank our Public Works Water and Sewer division for the thorough planning and coordination with the Province for this project

2016 Capital works Update

City Hall New 1The City of Corner Brook Capital Works Program commenced in July 2016 and is funded 70 / 30 with the provincial government. Under this year’s program the City will spend Over 12.4 million in Capital Works Projects and an additional $3.7 million on paving. This is the largest street paving program in the City’s history.

Riverside Drive-Section Rebuild involves excavating approximately 45m of roadway and stabilize with new subgrade materials, repave, replace guardrail and improve drainage. Tender Awarded

Confederation Drive-Storm Sewer Replacement to slip-line the existing pipe to contain storm water & to prevent sinkholes. Work complete

Gilbert Street-Storm Sewer Replacement involved upgrades to the existing storm sewer and install high back curb to protect shoulder and private property. Work complete

Georgetown Road-Watermain Flushing Chamber  to install water flushing chamber on the water main on Georgetown Road. Work in progress

Pressure Regulating Valve and Building Upgrades in various locations to replace and/or rehabilitate existing stations complete with new pressure reducing valves equipped with a pressure management system, flow metering capability and remote monitoring system. Work in progress

Central Street-Storm Sewer to replace the existing storm sewer system with a new system of greater capacity. Work in progress

13939540_979855092142885_1814426731961253698_nDowntown Beautification Phase 1 of the Downtown Urban Design Action Plan involves the beautification and revitalization of two leisure destinations (parks) and five traffic islands. These locations make up parts of a larger and more comprehensive planned pedestrian network for the downtown. Tender in Progress

Designs in Progress

Raymond Heights-New Storm Sewer System to Install approximately 200 meters of new storm sewer and service laterals.

Georgetown Road-Sanitary Sewer Upgrade replace the existing sewer lift station including associated forcemain on Georgetown Road and install a water flushing chamber.

There are many more capital projects which the city is working in to improve our basic infrastructure in order to provide quality services to our residents and businesses.